Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Oh how I love Christmas ;-)  It is my Favorite holiday of the year!  To get myself in the mood I am going to take advantage of Shutterfly's Christmas Card Promo, they are giving away 50 FREE cards!!!! This was so that when I send out all of my gifts I will be able to have a wonderful card to go with it!!!  How exciting is that, this will be the first year that I actually send out cards. 

If you want to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity then just click on the link and follow the instructions!

Do you want Christmas Cards

How about a Calender for a gift

Maybe a Mug for that hard to buy for person

No matter what you are looking for they have it!!!!

For my card I like the Partridge in a Pear Tree

I will be adding a picture of my little kittens!  I am very excited for this to take place!!!!!! 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh How I Have Neglected You :-)

Hello Blog world.......have you missed me?  It's cool if you did not.  I have been so busy the last few weeks and have just now started to get things under control.  One quick note notice the beautiful flowers along the side...I just found it today on a cute little site called The Perfect Pear.  She created this and was nice enough to let others use it!  I happen to love this one but hop over there and take a look for yourself.  I added her button to my site on the right, because she also has some wonderful DIY.  Trust me she did not pay me to say is all me.  Let's see what else can I tell you...I finally downloaded the Feathers album which is a project of Jeremy Larson.  Who is Jeremy Larson you ask well he is engaged to Elsie from A Beautiful Mess.  I am really looking forward to listening to it, it is only 5 songs long but worth it.  Again hit the link to the right and you will be taken to Elsie's blog.  I am going to start learning more about web site design so that I can get more out of my blog experience.  Well I will leave you with the a picture as I always do...ENJOY!!!

Here is my Best Friend Megan and I at the Alberta Art Gallery having fun!

Vintage Kisses

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Short Week ;-)

Well it has been a few days since I have done a new post.  So I thought that since I have this time off I will take the time to write a little something.  I have been working on a project for my swap bot partner and so for the last week I have been working on 10 Artist Trading Cards to send off.  I have made several cards before but not all in a row like this time.  I have just packaged them up and will mail them off tomorrow.  Oh I also have to tell you that for my Birthday my BFF made me a "pants" cake and I am just finishing it up now.  Boy is it yummy!!!  So I am sitting here eating cake and painting my nails. Ah the joys of multitasking.  Well I will be starting my I Heart Fall project this week so I have that to look forward to.

As Always I leave you with a Picture

My Little Babies on their first vacation

Vintage Kisses

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A New Day...A New Follower

  I did not have the best day at work but one good thing that happened today was.......a new follower!!!!  It makes me feel great that there are people out there that like what I have to say!!  Thanks again.  I have really gotten into Steampunk lately and I am really wanting to get on this trend.  So I will show some things when I have made them.  Well it is just going to be a short note this time but I wanted to leave you with a picture of a gift that my best friend gave to me for my Birthday...

Well that is all for now

Vintage Kisses

Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Post Day!!!!

So I have missed a few days but things have been busy.  A Happy Birthday to the Balancing Kiwi's husband...and look what came in the mail today!!!!!

The Lovely Pay It Forward package from The Balancing Kiwi!!

I was amazed at how soft the wash cloth is I can't wait to use it.  I have never used the web cam on my computer and was quite happy with how this picture turned out.  Lets see what else can I tell you.  I celebrated my birthday a little late this year so my family took me the the Alberta Art Gallery which had a Warner Bros cartoon and an M.C Escher display.  We then went out for supper to a nice place, my mum and I got a little tipsy but at least we had the drive home to recover.  Don't worry my dad drove, but when we got home one of our dogs had an attack and went all limp and non-responsive.  Only after tossing him on the bed and shaking him a little did he come back!  He is fine mow but I really think that his days are numbered.  I got the cupcake cake that I wanted and I got the gift certificates to Treasured Memories that I wanted as well!  I can't wait to go shopping!!!!!!!!  I have been working on my Swap Bot things and have about 6 envelopes to mail out.  Well I will leave you as always with a picture

F'lar was the only one who would cooperate :-)
Vintage Kisses

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Fun Times For Me!!!!!  So today is my birthday and I will be doing....drum roll please....nothing.  I know a real let down but at least I got lunch from my boss and the promise of a Starbucks Chocolate Caramel Pretzel tomorrow.  We will be going out for dinner this weekend and maybe a movie!!!  I guess it is OK since really my mother is in Calgary looking after my Grandmother after she broke her hip.  So That really is all for now but of course I will leave you with a picture...
Here is my Baby in her birthday dress!  So it is a repeat but whatever.


Friday, August 20, 2010


Ahh another week has gone by and I am free from the grind of work. Have you ever had one of those days were you just wanted to smack everyone you saw?? I had one of those today but I won't bore you with all of the details just know that I am very much looking forward to the weekend. I was quite excited when I saw the TCM was having a Kathrine Hepburn marathon! I love her movies and I am quite excited that I am not missing a single one. Thank Heavens for a PVR!!! So all day at work all I could think was when I get home I will have a great night watching and taping old movies. Which of course falls in with my 4 Goals!  I was over at The Balancing Kiwi and saw a pic of the Pay It Forward challange I can't wait for the package to arrive!!!!!!!! So that is all for now. As always here is a pic....

This is Theodore in her Halloween outfit.  She looks so happy to be in her little stripper outfit!!  I put some catnip on her scratching post and she went nuts so I dressed her as a srtipper!  What do you think?  As well I have a new follower thanks for finding me hope you enjoy!

Vintage Kisses
Shiloh Ayn

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sensational Sunday!

Sure tomorrow in Monday and the work week starts in a few hours but I have discovered my new sensational Sunday mix
1)  A Deadliest Catch Marathon

Captain John Hillstrand My Secret Crush ;-)
Image C/O Discovery Channel
2) Bird's Custard for dessert....Yum Yum

Who knew that this would be the combination that would make my Sunday SENSATIONAL!!!

Once again a little picture to make your day..

Vintage Kisses

Saturday, August 14, 2010

AAAHHHH Saturday!!

     May I say for the record that I LOVE Saturday!  It is the one day of the week that I can catch up on all of the things that I could not get done in the week.  In an attempt to get started on my 4 Simple Things I watched 2 vintage movies
1) Critic's Choice starring Bob Hope and Lucille Ball
2) Call Me Bwana starring Bob Hope and someone else I can't remember her name.
Since both movies had Bob Hope they were quite funny.
     As well I also started in on getting my room organized.  I did take pictures and will post them later.  It was wonderful to be able to get a clear space where I will be able to actually sit down and do some crafts.  I have also been going through my Vegan Cookbooks to get an idea of what I will want to make tomorrow for supper.  In going through one book I found a tea recipe that I wanted to make ASAP and so that is what I did.  It is quite good, I never would have thought of putting Cardamon in with my tea!  Well I will sign off for now but I hope you enjoy this little gem below.....

The Tabby is F'lar and the Dog is Mordy

4 Simple Goals

So I have decided to take Elsie's Challenge for 4 Simple Goals
So here it goes.....
1) First I want to get my life organized...OK maybe this is just too big to handle before 2011 so I will start with my room.  Very 16 I know but I never seem to take the time to look after me and my things.  So I will start by getting my room under control. 
     So the reward will be a better living space and more room for crafts!!!  The reward in this case really is a job well done.

2) Watch more classic movies!!  I have a whole DVD stand with so many movies that I have not taken the time to watch.  Which is a shame so since I spent so much money on them I should watch them. 
     Reward the satisfaction of knowing that it was money well spent but also an indulgence of vintage decadence.

3) Drink more water!!!  Since I have an iPhone there is an app for this and I am going to use it.  So this means less coffee and more natural water.  I am not one that likes to put anything in the water to make it more flavourful so I should be good.
     Reward...a new travel mug that I can drink loos tea in.  There is a great store in Red Deer about 2 hours away from us and they sell awesome tea for a good price.

4) Eat more healthy.  I really don't like vegetables but I have a great vegetarian cookbook and want to start using it.
     Reward I will hopefully have a better outlook on veggies.  Maybe we will learn to live in Harmony TeHeTeHe

Well that is all for now I am going to start getting ideas together for my Pay It Forward project from The Balancing Kiwi and hopefully have something together soon.

Vintage Kisses

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Insert Mad Laughter Here..........
I finally got my pictures to load on my post without my computer kicking me out.   Enjoy my baby in her birthday suit.

Things to look forward to

Hey so try as I might for some reason my computer did not want me to post yesterday :-(  So I decided to try again today.  Here is a quick list of things that I am looking forward to this week....
1) My parents are going away which leaves me and my sister ALONE!!!  Don't worry no big parties just time to relax!  TeHeTeHe
2) The chance to get a little bit of organizing done.  Weird I know but it actually look forward to this.
3)  The chance to sleep in...I work the late shift so I get to sleep in 2 whole hours!!
4) I now get to look forward to the Pay it Forward brought to you by The Balancing Kiwi....SO EXCITED!!!!

Well this is all for now must go and eat some supper.

Vintage Kisses

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hello CyberWorld!!

So this is the first time I have done this and so I hope that all goes well.  I have been thinking about starting a Blog for awhile, so after two months of going back and forth I have finally decided to take the plunge and start getting the ball rolling.  So a little about me I live in Edmonton Alberta, but I really don't enjoy living here.  I am more of a Calgary girl but this will do for now.  I have two adorable cats as you can see above :-)  There names are F'lar (he is the tabby) and his sister Theodore.  She is named after Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks.  It was a hard time trying to convince my dad that we needed a cat and in the end I was able to get two out of the deal.  It helped that my mom was crying over F'lar not wanting him to leave.  So our full house has two dogs, two cats, one bird and a bunny.  It is a full house I know but I would not want it any other way.  I hope that this site is not too plain but I will work on it as I learn more.  I will leave you with a wonderful picture that I took when on vacation a couple of years ago in B.C Enjoy!!

Vintage Kisses
Shiloh Ayn