Friday, February 18, 2011


So here's where I am at today!
About a week ago I put on my watch like I do every morning and discovered that the battery had died :-( This really upset me, you see I am obbsessed with time...always have been. I plan my whole life on time, when I get up, how long it takes me to travel, how long my lunch is, how long until home time. I was the annoying kid in the back seat who asked how much longer. I think that my parents were relieved when I finally got my own watch and could figure it out on my own. The only time I don't wear my watch is on vacation and even then I use my phone clock or the car clock to gauge my time. So sad I know! Anyway back to my story, I could have put one of my 20 other watches on but for some reason I walked out the door without one on. But it is strange I had no time withdrawl! I did without! Things were ok! I even enjoyed the freedom so much that I went the next day...and the next day...and the next day...with no watch! It was awesome!!!!! I am even thinking that I will keep the watch off. Time is reletive and it does not rule my life. What a breath of air. Will have to keep the watch off and see how it goes! Will keep you posted.

ATC - 'Victorian Lady CD'  #1

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Stuff I LOVE

Hello everyone!!

I called home today and was told by my sister that I had a little package in the mail. This means that one of my etsy orders had come in......

Two Beautiful Prints from Elycia!!!!!
I was very very happy I have been following her for several months and love looking at her kitten pictures! Thank you Elycia. Click on her button below and check her out!

Well that is all for now enjoy your week.

Vintage Kisses

P.S Yes the cats in the picture above are mine :-)