Sunday, April 17, 2011


Ok so guess what I realized......I have not been on this site in TWO MONTHS. OOHHH that makes me feel bad. Well let me tell what I have been doing since I last was here.

Shopping, working, crafting, laughing, crying, exploring, finding new fun exciting nail colours

I have started to take an Art Journal class to help me figure out new ways of expressing myself. I am not an artist...the only thing that I can draw is a stick figure...really...not joking....really really not joking. Stick figures!!! So I am learning that it is ok to use mixed media and how to use didferent things like Gesso and wax in my art.

I have also bought a Instax Mini...Pink and White! Very exciting I only have 40 pictures that I can take and so I have been very picky what I take but I can tell you that most of the pictures are of my cats.

In March I went to Jeff Dunham here in Edmonton! It was a Christmas gift form a really good friend. I laughed so hard....he is a very funny man! I made sure to take the friday off so that I could party afterward with my Best Friend Megan!! Oh the fun we had...we paid for it the next day but it was totally worth it :-)

I have been taking a good look at my life and realize that it is time for a change. I won't say what right now but I am taking steps. Getting a plan...a budget etc.

I asked Lisa of not ladylike how to add a hyperlink to a post and sure enough she showed me!!!

Well as always I will leave you with a picture!!!!

Vintage Kisses ;-)