Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Post Day!!!!

So I have missed a few days but things have been busy.  A Happy Birthday to the Balancing Kiwi's husband...and look what came in the mail today!!!!!

The Lovely Pay It Forward package from The Balancing Kiwi!!

I was amazed at how soft the wash cloth is I can't wait to use it.  I have never used the web cam on my computer and was quite happy with how this picture turned out.  Lets see what else can I tell you.  I celebrated my birthday a little late this year so my family took me the the Alberta Art Gallery which had a Warner Bros cartoon and an M.C Escher display.  We then went out for supper to a nice place, my mum and I got a little tipsy but at least we had the drive home to recover.  Don't worry my dad drove, but when we got home one of our dogs had an attack and went all limp and non-responsive.  Only after tossing him on the bed and shaking him a little did he come back!  He is fine mow but I really think that his days are numbered.  I got the cupcake cake that I wanted and I got the gift certificates to Treasured Memories that I wanted as well!  I can't wait to go shopping!!!!!!!!  I have been working on my Swap Bot things and have about 6 envelopes to mail out.  Well I will leave you as always with a picture

F'lar was the only one who would cooperate :-)
Vintage Kisses

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  1. So glad it has arrived safely! I hope you like.

    Great pictures - it is so nice to see a face :-)