Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year :-)

Oh so much has happened in the last few weeks with Christmas and New Years!  But I have a few days off and so I am taking the time everyday to make sure that I BLOG. 

Well I will now list my top 5 New Years Resolutions

1) To be more Organized.  I am sure that it this is one that everyone has but I really want to make this one work.

2)  To be heathier.  I am quite overweight and I want to lose many pounds so with the help of my mum and sister I will!

3) To learn new things like how to crochet and quilt and even how to blog better!

4)  To cook more.  I really don't do as much cooking as I would like.

5) To just have more fun with my life!  After all it is the only one that I have might as well make the most of it.

Well that is all for now.  I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

Vintage Kisses

P.S all images posted today were from Google.