Friday, February 18, 2011


So here's where I am at today!
About a week ago I put on my watch like I do every morning and discovered that the battery had died :-( This really upset me, you see I am obbsessed with time...always have been. I plan my whole life on time, when I get up, how long it takes me to travel, how long my lunch is, how long until home time. I was the annoying kid in the back seat who asked how much longer. I think that my parents were relieved when I finally got my own watch and could figure it out on my own. The only time I don't wear my watch is on vacation and even then I use my phone clock or the car clock to gauge my time. So sad I know! Anyway back to my story, I could have put one of my 20 other watches on but for some reason I walked out the door without one on. But it is strange I had no time withdrawl! I did without! Things were ok! I even enjoyed the freedom so much that I went the next day...and the next day...and the next day...with no watch! It was awesome!!!!! I am even thinking that I will keep the watch off. Time is reletive and it does not rule my life. What a breath of air. Will have to keep the watch off and see how it goes! Will keep you posted.

ATC - 'Victorian Lady CD'  #1

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